Barcelona Silent Adventures

Silent Disco Adventure Tours
have landed in Barcelona…

this five star sellout hit from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has finally reached the streets of Spain! If you haven’t yet experienced a Silent Disco Adventure, you’re in for a real treat…  It’s a flash mob. It’s a Silent Disco. It’s a roaming orgy of sensational dance moves! Stick on our magical headphones and feel your inhibitions evaporate as we lead you on a fun-filled silent disco tour through the soul of Barcelona. Expect 60 minutes of song, dance, flash-mobs, surprises and without doubt the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

It’s a flash mob. It’s a silent disco. It’s a roaming feast of groovy moves across Barcelona!

Silent disco Tours in Tenerife

A Silent Disco Adventure For Every Occasion…

Our public Silent Disco Tours are a huge hit and we’re delighted to offer bespoke Silent Adventures for private bookings and large groups. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, then a Silent Adventures is just the ticket. Our silent disco dancing tours are the perfect ice breaker for birthdays, weddings, office gatherings, festivals and corporate events. We’re always happy to tailor the theme of the tour around your own requirements.

Silent Disco Tours for Wedding celebrations

Wether it’s part of the big day or in the run up celebrations, our silent disco tours are the perfect wedding ice breaker!

Silent Disco Adventures for your birthday gathering…

Looking for something truly unique? Host a hilarious birthday experience that you and your friends will treasure forever

Corporate Adventures & Silent Office Outings

Our bespoke Silent Disco Adventures are perfect for office-away days, team building events or simply for one of those spontaneous post-work celebrations (in or out of the office!)

Silent Disco Tours for Festivals & Events

Hosting a festival or large scale event? Infuse it with something unique and creative with a Silent Disco Tour. We’ll design an exclusive silent adventure to suit your audience…

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More locations in Spain coming soon…

Do you think that Silent Adventures would be a hit in your city? Let us know! We are constantly expanding to new places and would love to find out where you think we should go next.

Be Part of Team Silent Adventures in Catalonia…

We’re always on the lookout for fun-lovers, actors, performers, comedians, dancers and eccentrics across Catalonia. Maybe you know someone who has the energy and charisma? We’d love to hear from you.

We’re going to be looking for dancers and hosts across the region – if you have the right person in mind do let us know!