Malaga Silent Adventures

Silent Disco Adventure Tours
have landed in Malaga…

What is it? It’s a flash mob. It’s a Silent Disco. It’s an extravagant, non-stop explosion of incredible dance moves that cut through the sounds of Malaga city. Everyone gets a pair of super-duper silent disco headsets and together with our hosts you’ll embark on a joyous one hour dancing extravaganza through the scenic streets of Malaga.

Silent Adventures is part comedy, part singing, part dancing and part pure fun. We’ve got the best flash mob tricks in the book, and you’ll come away with your mood in the stratosphere and wanting to spread joy everywhere.

Founded in Scotland, Silent Adventures is a big hit that’s going international, gathering 5 star reviews all the way and we’re delighted to get our dancing shoes on the pavements of Malaga in Andalusia.

It’s a flash mob. It’s a silent disco. It’s a never ending feast of groovy moves across Malaga!

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A Silent Disco Adventure For Every Occasion…

We know what it’s like to want more of a great thing. As well as our dance tours in the streets of Malaga, we also cater for private events. Throw that sprinkle of magic dust on your office parties, birthday celebrations and all those other big ideas you might be hatching. We can even help you come up with an event that is specially tailored to your musical preferences, and of course we can add that Spanish twist. Flamenco anyone? Have a look at some of the options…

Silent Disco Tours for Stag & Hen parties

Are you going to tie the knot? There’s no better place to prepare for it than here in sunny Malaga – celebrate the event in a way that none of you will ever forget. No hangovers here in this fabulous Silent Disco Tour!

Silent Disco Adventures for your birthday bash

Birthday parties don’t get any more original or fun than when combined with a Silent Disco Adventure. Young or old, you and your friends won’t forget this party in a hurry!

Silent Disco for your Office and Corporate events

Awkward conversations with colleagues or clients? Not with a Silent Disco Adventure here in sunny Andalusia. Side-step all the formal stuff and get right into the groove at this fun silent adventures tour!

Silent Disco tours for Festivals & indoor or outdoor events

Give us a brief and we’ll come up with a tailor-made Silent Disco Adventure that will turn the audience into it’s own star attraction! Allow us to add something truly unique to your event.

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Do you think that Silent Adventures would be a hit in your city? Let us know! We are constantly expanding to new places and would love to find out where you think we should go next.

Be Part of Team Silent Adventures in Malaga…

Have you got a big fun-loving and extrovert personality? Then this might be just the thing for you. We’re looking for hosts to take our groups of revellers to the streets of Malaga and other cities in Andalusia. If this tickles your fancy, please get in touch!

We’re going to be looking for guides and hosts in Malaga and in other cities across Spain. We’d love to hear from you. And if you know someone who might be perfect for the job, let us know!